Monday, April 28, 2008

Saturday Afternoon at Lincoln Park

We spent Saturday afternoon with the Montgomery family (like we usually do). But this time we went outside! That's right. It was a lovely day, sunny and cool, so we packed up a picnic, grabbed some blankets and a frisbee and headed to Lincoln Park in West Seattle by the waterfront.

Me & my honey.

Josh & Teresa

Dirty face.


Someone got tuckered out from the hiking. Note the sand everywhere.

Dylan took this picture of me just before he threw my camera in the sand.

Dylan scraped his knee pretty badly from running around the "beach" (rocks covered in sharp barnacles). He kept shrieking, "I'm bleeding!!!"

We were all slightly more than winded when we finally climbed the last of the steps that lead down to the beach from the park. But we piled into the car, stopped for slurpees and spent the rest of the night playing Mexican Train and Spades. It was a good day...

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