Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Junior Is Back!

Thats right and I'm soooooooo happy!

...posted by erich since my wife is slacking a bit this week.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

it's a beautiful, miserable day

Remember last week when I said I was going to try the homeopathic local honey remedy for my seasonal allergies? I was skeptical, but had high hopes from being spurred on by Farmer Jon, my wholistic, naturpathic co-worker and Joshua, my fellow allergy sufferer.

Josh is the one who scored these honey sticks from his local grocer for Erich & me which I took faithfully every day this week. One stick in the morning with my vitamins, english muffin and cup of yogurt. And I tried to let the honey be enough.

At first, I think maybe my body hadn't gotten used to the honey being my single defense against the onslaught of harmful allergens in my environment. But I stook it out, hoping against hope that the honey would work it's magic and free me from my never-ending nasal drip, explosive sneezing and habitually itchy eyes.
And maybe I need to keep taking the honey to help in the battle against my misery. But after days of disruptive allergy symptoms I resigned myself to the fact that I need reinforcements. Today was a beautiful day so we opened up the windows and the sliding glass door to get a nice cross-breeze through the house, but much like my good friend it didn't come without a price.
And wouldn't you know it doesn't seem like it's made much of a difference.
I am still feeling miserable.
Nothing a long, hot bath, a yummy cup of tea, some clean sheets and an early bedtime won't fix.
I'll keep you updated if I find that the honey becomes more effective.

Happy Spring Time, everyone!