Saturday, March 28, 2009

rainy seattle daze

get it? daze? days? hilarious.

It's springtime here which means lots of rain (which I love) and lots of allergies (which I don't love at all). I've been reading a book about how to best prepare your body for pregnancy (yep, I'm reading a book) and there's been lots of information about over-the-counter medications that can seriously disrupt fertility, including some antihistamines. So of course I'm completely paranoid and trying desperately not to do anything that might add to the list of reasons why we might not get pregnant.

I'm on the homeopathic track to wellness. I will (hopefully) stave off my allergies with local honey. At first I thought it was a total crock, but when you think about how honey gets made, especially in your own region where the pollen bees use is likely the same pollen that is giving you fits it actually makes sense.

I'm going to give a try this week and will let you all know how it turns out. I'm hopeful that I won't spend this allergy season with a raw, chapped nose and red, UNBELIEVABLY itchy eyes.

Oh, and also that we get pregnant soon!


Amy said...

OHMYGOODNESS!! So exciting!! I'm going to be addicted to your blog now for updates!

lorieloo said...

me hope so too!! and I too have heard that honey helps with allergies, so let me know! =)

love you friend, and again THANK YOU!!!!!!

Melinda said...

Yeah, I hope you get knock up soon! Let me know how the honey thing works.

Darryl & Kathy Bowe said...

Honey and pregnancy may go well together...but honey and children do not.