Sunday, March 29, 2009

breakfast 2.0

I woke up like a shot this morning at 9:15 before Erich...very unusual for me. Usually I'm asleep for hours LONG after he's up and started the day. I decided to take full advantage of this unique circumstance to make us a breakfast that we don't take time to enjoy much anymore. These days we're lucky to get a bowl of cereal or the occassional carton of yogurt (if we have any). Besides that, Erich faithfully cooks us dinner just about every night of the week...I very rarely cook for the two of us anymore.

Perhaps inspired by V for Vendetta which we watched recently, I decided to make us Eggies in a Basket and bacon (mmm, bacon).

Throw in a cup of coffee, a glass of juice and some grapes and it was a pretty delicious way to start the day.


lorieloo said...

oooh yummy, that is one of my favorite breakfasts=)

Darryl & Kathy Bowe said...

Yeah...well we had fresh squozen (freeze - frozen, squeeze - squozen - works for me) orange juice this morning. After 21 harvest seasons on the tree outside the kitchen we have finally tumbled to the fact that we have to harvest in late March early April for the tree to have had enough sunlight to produce sweet fruit.

mrs schienbein said...

Oh good, Dad...just in time for you to not be able to harvest oranges from that tree any longer. :(