Monday, April 14, 2008

Day 5

Day 5? Wow...I've been away from home for almost a whole week and while I am having a total blast visiting with family and friends, I am truly missing my husband. It occurs to me that in the 4 1/2 years that we've dated (and now married) this trip might mark the longest stretch that we've been apart. It sounds so lame to say but it really does feel like a part of me is missing (cue the cheesy music). Anyway, I just wanted to say that I appreciate with every passing moment the truly amazing man whom I feel so lucky to call my husband.

That being said, today started early with a round of golf with my dad at the Buena Vista golf course in Taft. We hit the road at 6am, made a quick stop at Starbucks (yum!) and made it just in time for a 6:45am tee time. For the first 3 holes we played separately, with my dad destroying me. After another 2 holes where neither one of us did very well we decided to switch to a scramble, or best ball. What it really is is cheating. We each tee off but play off whoever's ball is closest to the pin, or has a better lie. Once we started playing this way, our score started improving immensely (duh).

I forgot to bring my camera in my haste to leave the house on time which I immediately regretted as the morning was really beautiful. In true Bakersfield form, however, the temperature started climbing quickly by the time we finished the front 9. It was also really windy which makes a sometimes aggrevating sport even more difficult and frustrating, particularly for a new golfer like myself. Needless to say, my dad and I saw a lot of the course, probably some areas that most golfers there never know exist. By the time we finished all 18 holes, around 11:30, it was 87 degrees and I was exhausted. And that farmer's tan I got driving down here is even, that's awesome. Between the two of us we shot an 86, which my dad tells me is a pretty respectable score.

After coming back to the house to shower and change clothes I headed to my parent's office to have lunch with them and had a chance to visit with some of their co-workers, who are all so amazing. My dad's administrative assistant is a fellow blogger's mother. She is the largest ray of personable and sweet, so expressive and sweet, so energetic and sweet, and did I mention that she's sweet? She helped throw my Bakersfield bridal shower last summer in the midst of preparing for her own son's wedding. It's always such a joy to get to catch up with her.

But the highlight of my afternoon may have been taking my dirty, filthy, windshield-riddled-with-bugs car to the car wash (talkin 'bout the car wash, yeah). The location on White Lane has a "happy hour" from 2pm to close where a car wash is $7.99. They washed the car, hand dried it, vacuumed it, and added new car smell. Now I have a sparkling clean car that smells new. Is there anything better?

My dad is barbequeing a pork loin and roasting potatoes for dinner and we've rented Enchanted and Stranger Than Fiction for later...I'm looking forward to a quiet night at home with the 'rents.

I am REALLY excited to get to spend some time this week with my good friends Lorie, Scott & Henry; David; Mark, Christie & Sam (hopefully); Colleen (maybe); and maybe even Ryan & SJ, whom I've been friends with since the third grade.

More on that later (and hopefully lots of great pictures)!!!

*sorry today was so uneventful...I promise to have more interesting posts soon*
**also, I will post my observations on driving, but later when my dad isn't watching last night's Simpsons**

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EmilyPie said...

Yay! You made it and are enjoying yourself. Don't tell Brandon, but I'm kind of jealous that you are in Bako right now ;) ha. I love that place. Maybe it is because I've never lived there? I dunno.. but I do really enjoy it there. Tell Lorie, David and Collen hello if you see them! (I haven't met Colleen -yet- so that may be a little akward.. ha.)