Friday, July 4, 2008


Sorry for the delay, folks. I've been super busy with working out and work and trying to stay cool in this wave of muggy/hot summer Seattle weather (YUCK! Give me clouds and rain any day!).

Here's a few photos from my birthday (June 17th) this year...

Even though I'd only been working in the office for 2 weeks, my co-workers still decorated my cubicle on my birthday and ALL signed a card for me. SO sweet!!!

Melo & Shea who joined me for my birthday celebration at the Crab Shack on the Seattle waterfront later that evening for dinner. Mmm...crab legs, oysters, clams, potatoes & corn cobs...buttery goodness!

It took them over an hour to seat us on a Tuesday night...we were all so hungry by the time we finally got our table, and we all thought Josh was going to break down and actually eat a Crab Shack employee...

Teresa, I'm sorry for this but I think this picture of you is hilarious! In her defense, she had no idea I was taking the picture of her while she was eating her bread...she looks so angry!

The Husband and I gorging ourselves.

All in all, it was a great birthday. And for once, I finally do feel a year older.

Here's to being 28!


I have TONS more pictures to post from Thomas & Monique's wedding, but it won't likely be until Sunday evening after my return from Yakima with Anna for her 1st (of many!) bridal showers!

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Steph Corwin said...

Well happy birthday! Yay for crabs! (lol haha.. Hi I thought that was hilarious, and apparently I'm five years old)