Monday, June 23, 2008

Thomas & Monique's Wedding Weekend Adventure

We got home yesterday afternoon exhausted and hayfever-ridden, but feeling very joyful and blessed with the addition of Monique to our (slowly growing) Schienbein "clan".

Pictures and fun stories to come!


CeCe said...

Come on girl, where are the pictures!? It has almost been a week!

I'm glad you are back to work and all, but come on, lets get an update going on here... :) Can't wait to see pictures!

Sarah Marie said...

Hey there creepy blog stalker! haha, just kidding! :D You're so cute, you don't have to say "sorry" for being a stalker - that's what the internet and blogs and such are all about! Thanks for checking out my photos- glad you liked em! Maybe you and your hubby can get all dressed up in your wedding clothes and take high fashion photos now? We did our photoshoot a month and a half after the wedding so I say you can do a second shoot seven months after you wedding! Go for it!

Danielle said...

Ok, so not only did I remember that the guy from Reaper was on Breaker High, it was the first thing I thought when I saw the ad for Reaper on tv!!

SO SO glad there is someone else out there, too! You're only the second person I have ever "met" who watched Breaker High. The other is my best friend from back then.

I love the blog world!! How else would we have discovered each other and our mutual love for a goofy tween show? Oh, and you can totally watch old episodes of it on youtube!! So until we can get them to release the DVD (we should start an online petition), we'll have youtube. :)