Sunday, July 20, 2008

I won!!!

This sweet woman just made my day!

On her 200th blog post she hosted a fun little competition (well, a drawing, actually), for which the winner would receive a fun prize. And would you believe it? I won!
Special thanks to this tasty little nugget for contributing to my win!

And thank you, Christie, for entertaining me daily with sweet stories of your adorable family!


CeCe said...

so... I've been to the post office TWICE to mail your prize. But they are always out of the box I need, or have no packing material, etc. So I swear... it really IS coming. My goal tomorrow is to find a stinking box so I can send it. I SWEAR! IT WILL COME EVENTUALLY!!! :(

CeCe said...

I mailed the goods last week... did you get it yet?!