Monday, May 18, 2009 may or may not be time... make a commitment to myself to go to the gym regularly, starting 2 months ago.

I am officially wearing office-appropriate slacks today that I used to have to cinch with a safety pin at the waist because they were too big. And by "used to", I mean less than 6 months ago. And by "cinch", I mean folding over an inch at the waist. And by "were", I mean, well, were.

I'm not completely unhappy with my size, although when you're 28, going on 29, you are not supposed to "grow into" your clothes. I mean, I'm not a toddler with hand-me-downs. It isn't cute anymore.

On the bright side, the pants are comfortable and no longer have a hideous "pleat" on my left leg. Although, one unsightly pant leg is better than an extra 10 pounds, right?

It's a good thing I didn't cancel that gym membership...

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Darryl & Kathy Bowe said...

Go for it, daughter! More than lost pounds will be the reward of healthier living. Says you dad who has been walking 18 rather than riding to give himself some exercise.