Thursday, May 7, 2009

How is it May already?

Is it just me, or has this year been flying by too quickly?

It feels like every time I check a calendar, another month has passed me by in a flash. The fact that we haven't blogged in 3 weeks is complete maddness to me! Where is the time going?

Before I know it, my parents will have moved out of their home in Bakersfield and will be driving up to Seattle. We'll be expecting them around the beginning of June and will have them to ourselves (mostly) for a whole 3 weeks before they fly out for Africa. In that short span of time, we will look at houses/property, hopefully find them a home church, transfer a car deed, and suck the marrow out of every precious moment we will have left with them.

The future is so uncertain, as I guess it always is. But they are hoping to make a 2-year commitment in Africa. 2-YEARS!! A lot will happen in that period of time, and if time flies by like it has so far this year, I guess the 2-years won't seem like that long. But how much will our lives change in that small span of time?

Look at Scott & Lorie...had their first son and getting ready for their 2nd in that same amount of time! How strange life will be if we're lucky enough to experience the same in our lives. Can I fathom having TWO children while my parents are living on a different continent?

How can life go on without them around?

I suppose these are all questions I should have been asking myself long before I arrived at this time, but I'm thinking them now...obsessing really.



lorieloo said...

it is crazy to think how much can happen in two years. I'm not sure I quite expected to do this TWICE in two years, but your right, life just flies right by. Especially when you're having fun. =)

can they not come visit at all during those two years??

well even if they can/can't I sure as heck will be there shortly after a baby schienbeins is born. =) some one has to take newborn pics! and spoil mama. =)

Darryl & Kathy Bowe said...

Two years can fly by fast (unless you're drafted into the military, in which case they will move at a slug's pace!). We are looking forward to the time we will have with Erich and Stacia. said...

Stacia, they were living in Bakersfield. Which is just as remote and 3rd world as Africa.