Thursday, September 25, 2008

Seahawk Magic

I had a really great opportunity to go to the Seahawks game against the Rams last weekend. A good friend of ours, Marcus, was invited to sing the national anthem, and he killed it. It actually brought tears to my eyes how amazing he sounded...I was so proud!!!

The view from our seats
Bri, Jenn & Jacob

(tear) My favorite player from last season was Josh Brown who wanted more money and left the Seahawks for the Rams. I've never heard such loud boos!

Jacob had completed a triathalon earlier that morning so he wound up catching some zzz's.

Tiffy, Jenn, myself & Bri...all hopped up on garlic fries and Bud Lites

It was such a fun time...I truly love these ladies!

Oh, and the Hawks won too, so that was the icing on the cake!


sohobutterfly said...

Wow, look at you. Friends to a celebrity!! :o) Looks like a fun time!

Tiff said...

Not much beer in my cup. How weird.