Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sadie, Sadie...Married Lady

So my best friend, my maid of honor, recently got engaged to her sweetheart of a boyfriend on February 2nd. And they've decided to get married on August 26th. For those of you who just checked that date, yes, it is a Tuesday. This is just who they are...a little unconventional and very much original. They've already chosen the church where they will get married and the place where the reception will be held...both beautiful locations which will serve as the backdrop for my best friend's most important day. They've even already chosen and arranged for the flowers they will have at their wedding which will be a really lovely color palette and (again) unique.

(I'm intentionally being a little vague so as not to ruin the effect for those readers of this blog who will be attending this joyous occassion)

Well, anyway, Anna (the bride), her mother, and I went wedding dress shopping this last Sunday to see if we could find The Dress. We met at her apartment on Capitol Hill at 10am to have coffee & tea and a light bite to eat before her first appointment at 11:30am here. Pictured below is Anna trying to enjoy a cup of tea, some mini muffins, pear slices and gouda cheese (all of which she prepared for us), but truth be told, I think she was a little bit anxious about finding-or not finding-her wedding dress. I love the color of her kitchen wall with the black framed photographs behind her and the natural light that fills the room. It's not the best candid shot, but it's so meaningful to me as this is just a few short moments before she found what could be the dress she will wear on the day she marries her best friend.

We went to her first appointment (the same place where we bought her bridesmaids dress)...an adorable boutique on 45th in Wallingford which is just 3 blocks from where Erich's childhood home is located...tear. It was a kind of busy in the little shop but we were given the freedom to pick out as many dresses as we thought she could try on within an hour (and within the loose guidelines she had in her mind of elements of the dress she really wanted). She tried on probably 7 or 8 dresses before she put on a dress which, in her own words, "On the hanger looked like it would be really cool or a total disaster." But it was breathtaking on her. It fit her like a glove and just, well, screamed "Anna!" So she listed it among her top 3 and we headed down the street here for brunch, which was SO reasonable and SO delicious.

Her second appointment was at 2pm here (where, incidentally, I got my wedding dress). I think she wanted to go here for the experience more than thinking she would actually find her dress because this place is amazing. Funnily enough, the same gal that helped me helped Anna too so it was a fun little reunion. She tried on a number of pretty gowns, and one exceptionally glamorous gown, but nothing that moved her like the one at the other boutique. We attempted to go back to the other shop so she could try it on again, but they were too busy, so we'll have to do it another day.

But it was so fun and so special to be included in that day with her and her mom. We had a great time, lots of laughs, a few tears, and tons of memories. We'll see what she ends up picking in 5 short months...but irregardless of what dress she choses, I know she'll be glowing as she's walking down the aisle to marry the man of her dreams.


Ashley said...

The photo is great. I think the green wall really makes it!

Cute story too! :)

Megan said...

Great picture! The background adds wonderful color.

hottdog said...

I love it.
Wedding's and engagement's are so fabulous!

Raven said...

I love how colorful everything is in this shot, from the wall to her shirt-it's just so cheery.

Monique said...

... see what's on my hand. there's nothing quite as touching as a simple wedding band. Oh, how that marriage lisence works on chamber maids and hotel clerks. The honeymoon was such delight, that we got married that same night. I'm Sadie, sadie, married lady.......

oh, Babs.