Friday, August 13, 2010


this has been a impossibly tough week.

emotionally draining for lots of reasons...too complicated and frustrating to sit down and explain.

but also exceptionally difficult because people we love dearly are also struggling.

where would we be without the endless ocean of support of our friends and family?

catastrophically lost, I'm certain.

but we press on, hopeful that the coming days and weeks will be filled with good news and positive change.


Limes said...



Monique Lebaron Schienbein said...

pressing on and hopeful.
love love love to you.

Mountainrose said...

Just found your blog. I hope this week is much better for you and your family. We all have a off week from time to time. just remember. in a few years, you'll have a story to tell your kids or grand kids. or if you don't have any kids. can bore the neighbore with. said...

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