Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Game Night at the Montgomery's

So on Saturday we had our first ever game night at Josh & Teresa's house. In attendance were Josh, Teresa, Erich, myself, Berto, Jen, Melo, Shea, Zahra & Rishaun, most of which are immensely competative (my people).
We started out with a couple of rounds of Catch Phrase (original and music edition)...

Here's Erich trying to describe "Behind These Hazel Eyes" by Kelly Clarkson...and judging by the looks on Rishaun and Shea's face, not going a great job.

After a number of loud rounds of Catch Phrase we split into 2 different groups. Rishaun, Teresa, Erich and Berto played Tiles at the kitchen table and the rest of us played Egyptian Rat Screw and Bullsh*t.

We took advantage of the fact that we had 2 Wii Guitars and many of us took turns getting our butts handed to us at Guitar Hero...Jen & Berto are both freaks of nature when it comes to this game.

This is Melo and me.

Does anyone else think Scattergories gets harder the later at night you play?

The gorgeous Jen & me.
The whole gang.
It was such a fun night, I can't wait to do it again!


Kathy said...

Just figured out how to use this blog. I left a comment on your Feb 9th entry.
So glad you have great friends to hang out with! Love you two! - Mom

Colleen said...

NOTE: Comment totally unrelated to your post.

Sometimes I come back to you page (and when I say sometimes, I mean once a day) just to look at your wedding photos again. Your wedding (and you of course) were so beautiful. Your dress was amazing. If only we didn't live closer b/c I would love for you to put that dress back on and by my "bride."