Sunday, January 20, 2008

It's Tiles People!!!

God bless our best friends Josh and Teresa...We try to get together every Saturday to play games (video, board and recently card too) and eat food that's bad for us, and catch up. It is always a good time, especially when the games get really competative and tense.
You might be wondering what the above image is...allow me to share my pride with you.
Last year, Teresa begged us to play "dominos" with her since it's a game she has played most of her life with her family (who are apparently extrordinarily good and, therefore, no fun to play with). I had never played "dominos" before, except to set them up in elaborate configurations just to knock them all down. So, begrudgingly, I agreed to play (I don't typically like to play games that I'm not confident I can's a horrible character flaw and I'm not proud of it). But by some fluke (and after much trash talking on Teresa's part) I managed to win...and I was as surprised as anyone! I thought Teresa's head was going to explode!
Well, earlier in the evening I had mistakenly referred to "dominos" as "tiles" (maybe it's the Asian in me...who knows), which immediately threw Teresa into a fit as "tiles" is apparently never to be used when referring to "dominos". So naturally when I won, I declared that "dominos" would henceforth be called "tiles" until my victory was overturned.
I managed to avoid playing Teresa again until last night, very nearly a whole year after my initial victory. She had simply had enough of us calling the game she treasured so dearly "tiles", especially when we told the news to her family who were less than happy with what had happened. I sat at the table, washing the tiles, fully expecting a loss and a little sad that I would have to go back to calling the game "dominos" or "bones". We started the game and Teresa got an early lead, but I kept pace with her (surprisingly) falling a little behind in the third house until the third to last hand when I managed to lock the table for Teresa so that she had to pass. The next round my loving and supportive husband (who was also setting himself up for a position to win) put himself in a position to get a lot of points, which fortunately set me up to get a lot of points myself, much to Teresa's frustration. I was suddenly within striking distance of possibly winning the game...and Teresa knew it too. Suddenly it was all, "now wait a minute Erich...think about this...let's talk about this...I'm the loneliest number!"...but it was too late. Josh won that round keeping her from gaining any more points and putting me within 10 points of winning. Last hand comes and who wins again? Me!
And so "dominos" will be called "tiles" for another year...GLORIOUS VICTORY!
*Special thanks to Josh and Erich who helped make this win possible...

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Darryl said...

Way to go, Tiger - crush your friends! When you drift down this way I'll hook you up with Ron and Betty Erickson for a championship match - they add a new dimension to the term "geezer power".